Shop For South Hamilton

South Hamilton has partnered up with Innovative School Funding.

From the Innovative School Funding website:

We are a small company founded by teachers for education. Our focus is working with you on innovative ways to generate money for educational programs. We have partnered with over 400 companies across the United States who have agreed to support our educational mission. These companies donate a percent of all sales we direct to them back to your organization. We have all sold over-priced cookie dough, wrapping paper, candy bars, market day orders, etc. We provide a safe way for you and your community to generate additional revenue through online shopping.

Developed by educators in 2007, Innovative School Funding is a company dedicated to helping fund schools. The company has identified a need in education and has sought to fill that need with an innovative way of raising money for schools through the internet marketplace.

A percent of your purchases (2%-18%) will be donated back to South Hamilton. For example, if you purchase a pair of shoes for $100, the company may give $7 back to the school. Donations are based on commissions earned, not on purchase price. Therefore, individual companies may offer different commissions based on product category. The donation is based on 80% of the commission earned.

To shop for South Hamilton, please go HERE.

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